Prison Radio
Yafeu Iyapo

My name is Yafeu Iyapo. Subject title: The Dreaded Self Liberation and Self Regeneration of Baba [inaudible] the first, revisited. Subtitle: Can we identify one, two, three, or more of the still living master keys, of our most sacred books of biblical self-knowledge?

Greetings my sisters and brothers, there was once a dreaded Black slave named Baba [inaudible] the first. He stated: “If you want to regain your or our true freedom, we or I can teach you how.”

And from that day forward, Baba [inaudible] the first, the house of Iyapo private think-tanks, and the independent dual support networks, go back the basic [inaudible], i.e. are both captive and non-captive Black freedom schools, began the vital daily process to privately pass on, the basic ABC-based master keys of true racial, social, and economic justice. That were, or are most essential, for an entire generation of Blacks, Browns, poor whites and all other freedom-loving human beings, to most diligently relearn why and how this, to fulfill the ones lost, stolen, and kept secret.

Original self-liberation base- self-liberation theology-based teachings, of one, economic freedom; two, racial and social justice; three, the social gospel of Jesus Christ; four, how to self-master the basic ABC methods of 21st century biblical economic solutions; and five, how to correctly self-regenerate, a fully sustainable systems of holy legal [inaudible], and other 21st century biblical economic based self-employment solutions in our own behalf, ASAP.

Amen, true. Respectfully yours, Yafeu Iyapo.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.