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Faluch Bigsby

Hello, people, how you doing out there? Well, today I want to discuss the essence of perception. 

So the Bible is actually one book, but the way that people perceive it, it makes it two books. This is the contribution from Mary Simpson out of New Zealand. Two people read the same Bible, one sees reasons to love, the other reasons to hate. 

One sees unity, the other division. One finds prejudice, the other equality. One discovers compassion, the other indifference. One goodwill, the other malice. Two people, one Book. One book, two views. The book is a mirror and the reflection is you. 

Okay, people, basically what I wanted to say today is that sometimes in life, the way that we are, the way that we perceive things is who we are inside because of our life experience. So, we can’t judge other people for their faiths or beliefs, or their values, because that’s something that they’ve gathered along their life and their travels. All we can do is try to find a medium to see where we can come together as more. 

There’s been a lot of things going on in the government, and a lot of things going on right here in Ohio, in our government with the prison systems. The courts try to ignore people if you don’t have anybody helping you; if you don’t have a voice, they won’t listen. The poor still being stepped on, the age old story that’s always been going on. But the reality of it is, we the people can make a difference. So, all we have to do is come together, try to understand each other, help each other, and pay it forward. 

With that, remember, the Bible really isn’t two books, no matter how we want to split it up. It’s one book—the perceptions are based on who we are deep down inside. 

With that, it’s been a Royal Nation. God bless you. It’s Faluch Bigsby, the author of “God Uses Gangsters,” signing off. 

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