Prison Radio
Ozzie Mannwright

Hello Prison Radio. This is Ozzie Mann Wright coming to you from Summit County Jail again. Today, I’ll be reading an excerpt from my upcoming book, “The Making and Unmaking of a Criminal.” I hope you liked it.

As I sat in the suicide cell, virtually naked except for the uncomfortable suicide vests, I had nothing to mutilate myself with, so I was left with no choice but to face the thoughts that were always so desperately trying to force themselves into the frontier of my mind.

I began first thinking about my current condition of being naked in a cell with nothing. I had no toothbrush to brush my teeth, no washcloth to wash my body, and no deodorant to put under my arms.

I was a couple hundred miles away from my family, and I felt alone in this world to face my demons by myself. No matter what corner I turnt in my mind, every path led to one dismal thought after another.

I couldn’t think about home, because my home is where my hell began. I couldn’t think about my future, because the saws of the moment only made the future but a perpetuation of the tribulation that seemed to be my life. I definitely didn’t want to think about the past: the bogeyman of my mind that haunted me every time that my mind became idle.

I felt imprisoned within a prison within a prison, doomed. I would have preferred not to dwell in my own pessimistic sea of thought, but I was drowning, and I had no life jacket and no optimistic sands to call a shore on. I will remain stranded at sea for years to come, but I would eventually make it to dry land—little did I know.

Thank you Prison Radio.

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