Prison Radio
Marsha Byrd

Hi, my name is Marsha Byrd, and my inmate number is 1258690. I’m here in Las Vegas, a private women’s prison, and I’m here for a DUI that went bad. And I took a deal for two years and ended up getting six, but the good news is I was able to get another attorney with a habeas corpus that the court honored, and I’m going back in court to get my original two years.

But by me being here in the prison made me more spiritual and closer to the higher power. I grew up, and I knew all about religion, but it just went in one ear and out the other, but being spiritual and praying and fasting is real, and that’s the best way. And that’s advice I can give from my experience being here. I fast, I pray, and I receive great results. I fast about my breast cancer, which I came in with, but now that’s gone, I’m in remission. And then I’ve fasted on my sentence, and I received two years, the original deal that I had.

So I just want to encourage everyone if they be put in a situation, just don’t give up. Keep the faith, discipline yourself and fast. When you fast, it helps you spiritually and then it helps you not only lose weight, it helps you in all kinds of ways as it helps you get closer to the higher power and you’re able to get your answers. So everyone, keep me in your prayers and have a great day.

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