Prison Radio
United Black Family Scholarship Foundation

What inspired you to explore the idea of creating a nonprofit or public service organization while incarcerated?

What inspired me to create a nonprofit was seeing kids in poverty, unloved and misguided, to start an organization where the kids, and adults in poverty, unloved and misguided, can go for guidance, protection and peace. That will mean the world to me. I can also see it making the world a better place because when a child is fed, clothed, sheltered, and guided properly, they’re able to flourish multiple ways, becoming our next presidents, doctors, and philanthropists, children of the future

What does it mean for you to learn how to establish your own public service organization or institution?

It will mean everything to me because humanity depends on this. I would love to help aid someone in need, adolescent or adult, to make a positive change within our community.

How do you envision the conference topics assisting you in this process?

Making amends. I envision creating a healthier space in our community to help people, the same people that I used to cause great pain towards. The conference will help aid me in multiple ways in addressing social issues, within our poverty, within our school, education, and within our communities. I would love to make amends to the children before they make those steps in be coming into prison.