Prison Radio
Shontil Estes

I’m calling regarding how they are treating Krystal Clark. I was in a unit with her for a whole year, and they took me away from her when we started writing legal paperwork together. I done seen these people deny her medical health. I done seen them take away all type of medication that she needs from keeping on person, and she recently just went to go get tested for mold and they’ve been denying for the longest saying that she’s lying about having. That’s literally growing out of her ear.

I’m just really worried that my friend is not going to make it out of MDOC. And she was never, you know, sentenced to life in prison. She can barely walk. They took her wheelchair away, they took her scooter bike away. My friend has had trouble breathing. I don’t think my friend is gonna make it out of prison. My friend needs help. Not only her but do a lot of people in here need help. They take everybody away from her that they need. They retaliate against her for writing grievances that are valid. They cancel doctor’s appointments. They even one time cut her phone off for a month. She was calling the radio station.

I’m just really, really, really, really terrified for her. Really terrified for her. We need help in this Women’s Huron Valley. She needs help and other women need help. I’m sorry. I’m kind of emotional right now because I done seen her health go from bad to worse to worse to worse. And nothing is to be done. Dr. Ellis is a joke. Director Jones is a joke. It’s a joke here. I just hope that we get help one of these days and one of these days real soon. My name is Shontil Estes. My number is 730528.

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