Prison Radio
Aquiles Serpa

I just want to, how to say, hello to the world. My name is Achilles Serpa. I’m 25 years old and I-I just want to bring an awareness to the immigration reform pack that I see that is very-very necessary in legislation on the federal level. Now, I think the, uh, on the scene. I mean, overlooked, the problem with immigration reform nowadays, is they’re not considering that people who came over here under the age of 17 and adapted, and also adopted the high crime culture assimilated in the U.S.

My whole issue with this is that there’s no underlying factor or mitigating factors that support these kids who — go through this type of lifestyle and adopt this lifestyle and ultimately commit crimes from disenfranchised neighborhoods or low income cities. Now, under the 14th amendment act, we are a protected class being a minority. Also along with Black and Brown people, and women, immigrants are also considered a protected class under the 14th amendment.

I just want to raise awareness to the fact that because we’re a protected class, what are the mitigating factors for the people that come to this country from the age of zero to 17? There has to be some answer for it. There has to be something going on in immigration reform that’s relevant, that’s new. That’s progressive in order to push a broken immigration system forward.

Now, I spontaneously talk to you about this now because I was granted an opportunity by Tommy and the Prison Radio. Right. And I’m an incarcerated, convicted felon in the state, uh, prison [inaudible] in Massachusetts. I’m currently resided in [inaudible] right now.

Now, my information is, um, until [inaudible] you, you are L E S S E R P A W one zero eight zero one three. Anybody who’s willing to raise awareness to this issue, and support what’s going on in the immigration reform. For people that are underrepresented, especially the, the-the children that come here and grow up here and as an adult or during their teen years get convicted for any violent crime—like myself—and are underrepresented in-in the immigration system when it comes to deportation relief or some kind of asylum factor.

These things are being put into play. So, I was just like, for anybody that’s willing to add on to this conversation, willing to push this forward on a progressive state of mind and willing to represent these kids and these men who under-franchised or unprotected by the law.

And that’s it. Thank you.