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Darren Stanley (KnowledgeBorn GodAllah)

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All right, peace. This is KnowledgeBorn GodAllah calling y’all, staying on a true-hustle, universal God-life Radio. I’m with my sister, Jay Rene. You know, she’s healing our community. So, peace sis’, how you doin’?

Jay Rene  00:15

Peace bro, I’m doin’ good. Thanks for having me. How’re you?

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I’m great, I’m great. So Jay, can you, can you let our listeners know who you are and what it is that you do?

Jay Rene  00:26

Sure. Um, well, I’m Jay Rene, and I have a couple of platforms. First and foremost, I am for the people. You know me and I’m fighting for the people, I’m a community builder, um, things like that, but I’m also a social activist and an independent journalist. So I have a few platforms, one of the platforms that we got to know each other over is Prison Riot Radio, which is where I give people an opportunity to create a voice, to amplify a voice, and allow themselves to promote theyselves, get something off they chest, you know, petition for help, and all of that type of stuff.

KnowledgeBorn GodAllah  01:05

Beautiful, beautiful. So, uh so you building and working together with the community, and, you know, on many different levels, and I have, I have been enlightened to one of those situations where you was just recently attended a youth summit in your community. Can you speak on that?

Jay Rene  01:23

Sure. So um this youth summit is something that my sister has been putting together for, you know, the last few years, and what it does is it’s “Surrounded by Our Babies.” The name is exactly what it sounds like. We invite the community to come and to, you know, just converse with each other and get some camaraderie, but we also have a panel there where we allow children to speak to find out what’s on they mind. A lot of times, we’re, you know, we’re teachers, and we’re talking at children, but sometimes we forget to listen, to give them an opportunity to speak, to find out some of the issues that might be going on. You know, just catch the beat of what’s going on with the youth. And then we have, you know, different mentors that volunteer their time where they can talk to them about these issues–publicly, so not only to help the person that’s asking, but any other little kid or a teenager that’s there that might be going through the same thing can get some insight.  Along with that we um invite different vendors from the community to come, let them sell some of their items and build some camaraderie and build–you know, it’s always a building session, too. So it was very successful. We also gave away some backpacks to the younger kids and to the high school students. So it turned out real, real good.

KnowledgeBorn GodAllah  02:39

That’s wonderful. That’s wonderful to hear, because, you know, what I’m, what I’m hearing is that, you know, you for the community and we teachin’ the babies. You know what I’m saying? And that, and that’s most important in our, in our calls and our fight for uh freedom and knowledge itself. So I appreciate that, that’s beautiful, my sister. You know, and also, I would like to add into that, you know, you also do movies, and you have an upcoming newspaper that you ’bout to put out?

Jay Rene  03:04

Oh, yeah, so with the newspaper, it’s called The Pivot. That’s me and my big sister, Tia Hamilton, she outta Baltimore, shout out to her. She’s definitely doing amazing things in the community. She’s the one that spearheaded and helped sponsor the youth event. Like, she put it together: it was her brainchild, and she made the community come together behind that. But yeah, we got this newspaper, and the newspaper is gonna give a opportunity for those that can write to write some things, be a revolutionary. You yourself, of course, is invited to have your own section. Poets, essay writers, you know, and just telling us what’s going on. We also gonna have people that’s well-versed in different laws and stuff to put it out, so people can get a beat on that and hopefully, you know, be able to help theyselves or help somebody else by sharing information.  And then with the movies, you know, that’s [inaudible]’s lane. But, you know, I’m his–I don’t wanna say I’m his better half and he’s not my better half, we two halves of a whole. And, you know, he does the movies, and he’s putting people on that’s been formerly incarcerated, the young entrepreneurs that make clothing, you know, making music, letting people write scripts that are interested in that. So we just tryin’ to make sure we’re doing our part to get everybody connected and doing some stuff.

KnowledgeBorn GodAllah  04:20

Yeah, so that’s, that’s–all that you speaking on that’s my brother, man, that’s my brother in God. Mr. Kwame, peace God. You know what I’m saying? You know, [inaudible], you know, sayin’ we goin’ to get to Bill, we goin’ catch Bill Haney, man. We gonna do that. But uh, peace, God. You know what I’m saying? I love your reflection, man. You know what I’m saying? And your earth is reflecting you on the brightest nights she possibly can, and we see that. So my sister, can you let the people know where you can be contacted and to look for you in the upcoming processes of your build–on what platforms?

Jay Rene  04:50

Sure, y’all can reach out to me by email, which is: “” You can also reach out by phone, 914-655-4993. You can call or text that phone number. And then on social media, you just put in “prison_riot_radio” on Instagram. And if you type in Google, you know “Prison Riot Radio,” all our stuff will pop up. And the same thing for Youtube [inaudible].

KnowledgeBorn GodAllah  05:24

Yeah so–yeah that’s beautiful my [inaudible]. So, thank you for attending, you know what I’m saying. This is KnowledgeBorn GodAllah, you know what I’m saying, calling from true-hustler, universal God-life TV, universal God-life Radio, you know what I’m saying, with my sister, my beautiful sister in God, the earth. You know what I’m saying, Jay Rene. And we goin’ leave y’all with these wise words, man, you know: hey, when y’all see sisters out there building and helping the community, and building for us to reach out and be who we are and show our potential and our and our creativity, allow them to be women, allow them to be sisters, allow them to be mothers, allow them to be sisters, and also allow them to be teachers, because they our first teacher, they our first nurturer, and they our first understanding in which we begin to understand who God is, our creator: Black man on earth. Peace!

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