Prison Radio
Joseph Willis

Hi, my name is Joseph Willis. I’m 24 years old. I’m incarcerated in Solano state. I just came from Kern Valley, 180. I’m serving a 7-year sentence. Basically, I’ve been getting treated real bad in here. Just, I think it’s based on my race or just based how the system is built. And I’ve been falsely accused of assaulting staff and all different types of things. And they just find ways and ways to put stuff on me that’s not really true. Just because I feel based on my history, and based on my circumstances, they feel that they can just take advantage of me because I don’t really know too much about laws or prison stuff. So, basically, I’m going to court for right now so, and I haven’t really even gotten nobody, no help, no nothing and it’s kind of messed up because I got five months to the house and I got a daughter that I’ve never seen and a son that I’ve never really been there for. So, kind of keeps me depressed most of the time. That’s why I’m trying to do something positive and start this podcast on, basically, trying to enlighten people my age, about coming to prison, and the things that really goes on in here, not just the stuff that they show on TV.

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