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Darren Stanley (KnowledgeBorn GodAllah)

In a bill today, we are living on fact that, uh, you know how the knowledge how to manage that original black man to carry on to his actions instead of his words. Because his words out of his mouth sometimes don’t mean nothing and unless you know that his word is bond, but if he does not know that his word is bond and his words out his mouth don’t mean nothing his actions show and prove everything that he’s above himself that he’s in himself and he knows himself, you know, so we’re just talking about that today to give clear understanding about knowledge, wisdom and understanding, man in the places that I’m in, you know, there’s a lot of people, you know, use his words to describe themselves because their actions, speak differently, you know, rabble rousers, and ideal image makers and things of that nature. But their ideas speak differently, you know, you have a lot of black leaders in this world, that in actuality aren’t black leaders at all, you know, but a bunch of bufoons. You have black men in this world that are irresponsible and not responsible for self, yet to try to make everybody else responsible for him. So, therefore, you know, we were speaking on knowledge, wisdom, of one understanding, you know, all born equality, and then that equality, we have to understand that our equality is different from everybody else’s, our equality has been tarnished, and conditionally should traditionally and conditionally imposed upon us, instead of our equality being of us and made by us and built by us, because we are the people, civilization to all men. So therefore, our equality should be universal, and not just singular and traditionally conditioned upon us. So I just wanted to bring y’all that and give y’all the knowledge of an understanding of our process, what a day. We had a good bill today in class, you know, we have Father George Williams down there, that started all this and took our constitutional rights and our civil rights and just throw them in the trash. So we’ve talked about religion, and what religion did and how religion took us out of the pictue and enslaved the mentality of the human population to believe in something outside of themselves in order to master them and control them. So we, we built on that and, you know, I just want to let y’all know, you know all the righteous brothers, you know what I’m saying, the righteous Earth, the righteous sisters, this is a nation of Gods and Earth. We’re not pretending we’re sincere. You know, the five cent nation of Gods and Earth, I am my nation, my nation is of me. And therefore I represent my whole nation, that said I’m always nation first. Peace.

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