Prison Radio


This is Kevin Cooper and I send this missive to you in Peace & Solidarity, just as I wrote it. These truth(s) I write and send to you through our fellow Comrade Carole ‘are a must’. While theyare obvious truths, they still must be said by me.

MoFo, and their ex-L.A, county sheriff department ‘experts’ and others they hired did more than just say that in their opinion I am guilty. They went out of their way to make me appear as a ‘monster’ towhoever read their report, and in the eyes of a certain part of the public.

They did this because this is what they and others in their situation have historically done to black peoplein this country, especially black men. This historical narrative is how they ‘try’ to take away our humanity,and make us appear to be inhumane, and a monster. This is how they dehumanize us, destroy ourcharacter in order to not only murder us, but to keep us in prison.

This, and other type of damming us in public that are still happening to us in this country did notstart in 1915 with D.W. Griffin’s movie ‘Birth of a Nation’. These type of things have happened toblack people ever since the first black person’s feet touched the soil of this land. Do you know the’real history’ of this country? This is the playbook that MoFo has, decided to work from. This is thesame playbook that was used to murder Mr. George Floyd, and others… When that cop ‘DarrenWilson’ murdered ‘Mr. Mike Brown’ in Ferguson, Missouri, he stated that Mike Brown looked like a’Monster’ coming at him, so he shot him…Remember that? It’s the same play ­ book used by lawenforcement throughout the history of this country. ‘But’ it’s the institution(s) and the system as awhole that is to blame for allowing cops and ex-cops to get away with these type of things.

Who knows how to do this better than those two(2) ex-law enforcement cops that MoFo hired as their’experts’? These things that they did by trying to dehumanize me are not in the Governor’s executiveorder. They took this upon themselves to do this to me. This was above and beyond what they wereordered to do. ‘But’ we know why they did this, and it’s because they want to shut down all the help that Ihave received from so many different people and organizations. People who have stood up and spoken out for me and against what they did to me. People who helped to expose the truth about me beingwrongfully convicted. So they wanted to make me look as bag and as evil and as inhumane as they could in order to stop people from helping me in the future, as well as to deny me clemency.

What they tried to do will not work, and that’s because I and many of you, and the attorneysrepresenting me will not let it work. I know the history of this country, and in knowing, I also know who I am, as a man and a human being who’s people and ancestors have built this country while beingdehumanized every step of the way of our existence in this country.

Not only do I understand this, and why MoFo did what they did, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLPknows why this was done to me as well. Orrick is having this done to them as well because theirname is on every piece of legal paper, petition, memo and all else since they took on my case in2004

They have a vested interest in this, and in defending me from this ‘Hit Piece’ that MoFo did.Orrick,and all of its attorneys are working to fix this bias and bogus MoFo report, which my clemency petition is part of. Orrick forced those who were against me to watch as the governor granted me ainnocence investigation because we ‘proved’ how bogus this entire case is against me. So, they and their cronies took it upon themselves to retaliate against me my attorneys,  the governor and his innocence investigation by doing not only what they did, but the way they did it.

From what I have been told by the people who I honestly trust on my legal team, their reply to MoFo will be worth the extra waiting time that is happening right now. They want to do this right, andcorrectly, and not fast because they have disproved damn near everything that was written by MoFo and their experts.

I trust Orrick because not only did they stop me from getting murdered by this state in 2004, theyhave also spent millions of dollars fighting to get me out, and they still are spending money to get me out.

Every attorney that Orrick has assigned to this case is working very hard to fix this, even though I have not personally met them. They see this wrong that is being done to me, and they are trying tofix it, and make it right.

By our getting that innocence investigation, it not only pissed certain people off, it also scared them because they know that if I do get out, I will not go away. I am an abolitionist and all that comes with it. I will hold them all accountable for what they did to me, and tried to do to me.

As author and humanitarian Alice Walker once stated: ‘Activism Is The Rent I Pay For Living’…and that’s my mentality as well.(I hope I quoted her correctly) What I am saying is MoFo, their experts and every other law enforcement type entity knows what I do. They go to my websites, they read my essays, they listen to the events I speak at because this prison records all phone calls. Because they know these things about me, they cannot let me out in their minds.

All the help that I have received is still here for the most part. I did lose a few people after that MoFo report came out, and some others are waiting to receive and read our reply before they decide whether or not to continue to support me Most have stayed, and new people have since joined this fight. But the main people and organizations have not quit on me, I have not lost them, and they werepissed off at MoFo for not only writing what they wrote, but for doing t is the way they did it.

We are in this to win it…again…because we won the first time by getting the innocence investigation,and now we will show and prove that MoFo was wrong, and is wrong, and we will do this in the not too distant future.

In Peace, Struggle & Solidarity,
Kevin Cooper