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Uhuru Rowe

Greetings and revolutionary love and solidarity. This is Uhuru Rowe, prisoner slave number 1131545.

I have been in prison for 27 years pursuant to a robbery I participated in that resulted in two murders. I was barely 18 years old at the time and didn’t possess a gun during the crime. The sentencing guidelines in my case called for a maximum 13-year sentence that the judge in my case, former judge James B. Wilkinson whose had a documented history of racial bias against black defendants, ignored that recommendation and sentenced me to 93 years without parole. If you do the math, the judge in my case exceeded the guidelines by an unprecedented 80 years.

Virginia just experienced a so-called red wave during the elections on November 2nd where Republicans expressing their disdain for progressive legislation passed in the aftermath of George Floyd protests last year, and the desire to return to law and order swept elections to the three top statewide offices including the governor office and gained control of the house of delegates.

This marks a particularly difficult period for people like me who have been trapped inside Virginia prisons for decades with no possibility for parole, who’ve already [inaudible] within the governor’s executive authority to grant clemency. So it is with urgency that I’m reaching out to you to utilize whatever skills and resources you have to help me and my comrades and the Justice for Uhuru Rowe Coordinating Committee. [inaudible] democratic governor to grant my clemency petitition before he leaves office and law and order Republicans take over in January 2020.

The link to my petition is on my blog at Please sign and share this petition, please follow and share our Instagram page @justiceforuhururowe. And our Twitter page @justiceforuhuru. I also ask you to tweet support for my clemency using the hashtag #freeuhururowe. If you want to learn more about my case or how you can get involved with the Justice for Uhuru Rowe Coordinating Committee, please contact us at our email address which is I thank you in advance for your support.

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