Prison Radio
Darren Stanley (KnowledgeBorn GodAllah)

Yo peace KnowledgeBorn GodAllah calling from Delano State Prison and recession. Ya know what I’m sayin, peace to the nation of God’s earth. Peace to man, woman, and child. Peace to my family and everyone. I have finally got off this death row. I am no longer on death row and I am on my way to another institution via to the streets. I am in reception right now. And reception is bad for me.

We don’t have no communication with family or anything else, so I’m sending this message to everyone who’s listening. I need help. I need for people to contact the institution, to see if we can get family communications going in here.

And everything else because it’s behind the time (?). Also, I need y’all to know that I am on my way home, to the city.

I am on my way home. And, you know, everyone that has been supporting me, I love y’all. Y’all take care and we will continue to do bigger and better things and greater things. I love y’all and any support y’all can give, please contact me just getting up GTL getting out (?) or, you know what I’m saying, to my station, a radio station. I love y’all and y’all take care and any donations y’all can send me, please send me a JPay because I’m out, broke, starving They took all my property they didn’t give it back. So I love y’all Y’all take care. PEACE.
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