Prison Radio
Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

By Kevin ”Rashid” Johnson

Joe Biden pronounced

Amerika stands with Israel

that the US supports 

genocidal plans is real

cuz it still 

exists as a land built by 

exterminating natives

and Afrikans killed by

being kidnapped and forcibly


like the survivors of 

the holocaust we’re amazed

that any Blacks and Indians

are left at all

worse still Israel

has border walls

like the U.S. to exclude 

the natives of the stolen land

eliminate and expel them

declare them banned

today’s only  

openly apartheid state

Israel openly practices

anti-Arab and Afrikan racial hate

and if anyone proclaimed

ours are misplaced fears

Israel has compelled

a modern day trail of tears

over a million Arabs of Gaza city

ordered expelled

without the slightest pity

all ages compelled

in 24 hours to march to the


Israel’s militarymobilized to drive them out

just like the 1830s

the beginning

of the US campaign

of ethnic cleansing

directed at the so-called

civilized tribes

forcibly displaced thousands of miles

during which thousands died

a Trail of Tears 

stretched across time

from Native America 

to Palestine