Prison Radio
Izell Robinson

This is Izell Robinson, calling from the Rush City prison.

Unfortunately, I got confined again for a parole violation, violating curfew, and they took me to a hearing where the hearing officer was a former parole agent who knew my parole agent. So, you know, he wasn’t gonna rule against him. But he asked for 90 days.

Which didn’t make sense because I had a full-time job working in Medtronic. I had housing, I had three assignments left in the chemical dependency treatment program I was in before I completed, and I was doing well in that. I was volunteering in the community once a week. And I also was going to AAA once a week. Now on top of that, I was involved with my church. So I was doing everything positive that I should be doing.

But, you know, I did have a few hiccups with curfew, which me and my attorney argued that, you know, you could put me on GPS, and that’ll, you know, cure that, but to send me to prison is kind of overkill. So now, I’m sitting in prison for 90 days, stuck in a room 22 hours a day, only get out an hour, which is very counterproductive because there’s no rehabilitation in that.

But this is what Minnesota does. And I just wanted to let you all know. But my out date now is October the second, so I’m hoping to get out and be able to put my life back together. At least my job said they’ll hold my job, but my housing is gone. And you know, treatment—I probably have to start all over in that. But yeah, that doesn’t make any sense. I’ll try to get another commentary in soon. Okay, bye.

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