Prison Radio
Prettyattie Cooper

My name is Prettyattie Cooper, and I’m calling from Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti, MI, and I’m just calling to share my story.

I am one of the inmates that have tested positive for COVID. My body’s not really fighting it off like it should like it. We have over close to 300 positive cases here at this prison. They’re short-staffed on medical care, it’s always the same medical staff.

I’m chronic here, and I’m not receiving the proper medical care that I need here in this prison. And I feel like that me and other people who are chronic here and who don’t have violent crimes should be home where our families can take care of us, our doctors and where we can receive proper medical care.

It’s the guards. Some of the guards are bringing it in. A lot of the other inmates are bringing it in, and it’s just ridiculous. I think the health department needs to come and investigate because a lot of stuff are being hidden in this prison.

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