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Gregory Kinnard

My name is Gregory Kinnard, uh, I go by the book author, music artist, and movie screenwriter name “Promise.” This is a piece from my book, self-help non-fiction, titled “Social Insecurity Number.” This is the introduction.

Through first-, second-, and third-hand experience of guys, males have placed lifelong limitations on most women and girls. The title of this book, “Social Insecurity Numbers,” stands for how society social gives women and girls insecurities based on the women and girls’ body measurements—numbers. These numbers are the measurements of your breast, butt, height, weight, hair length, waistline, stomach, et etera. Such insecurities are not natural to the daughters, mothers, nieces, grandmothers, aunts, girlfriends, wives, sisters, fiancees of society in America and abroad.

These unnatural insecurities are forced and bombarded onto you by us guys. Us guys either intentionally, most, or unintentionally, few, make you insecure as a selfish defense mechanism used to stop in or prevent you women and girls from outshining and outgoing us guys. This book isn’t simply for you ladies of all ages. It’s also for us guys of all ages. Especially it’s to highlight the God-given birthrights to fight, overcome, and live lives and better reaching up to our fullest potential by [inaudible] uplifting girls and women throughout society by treating ladies with supreme, which means most high, equality, which means equal in all things.

The mass majority of those guys have been programmed since childhood to discriminate on the opposite sex without ever even paying attention to the miseducation us guys received by the numerous aspects of societies rearing the processes resulting in us guys, so-called men, waging full-scale wars on the girls and women in every walk of life.

Despite what religions believe and teach about paradise, heaven, and the reward aspect of any alleged afterlife, I proudly admit the only heaven men may ever achieve by realistic experience and expectations isn’t having the non-traditional love and companionship. By you ladies being subject victim to insecurities about your physical bodies, shapes, sizes, equal numbers, those insecurities spread into all of the areas of your life and free thought and expression to the point where you aren’t even able to clearly focus on living up to even half of your full potential, all because you’re too busy swimming or even drowning in the sea of insecurities.

The male-dominated corrupted world oftentimes practices the most damaging and forgivable hypocrisy to hold you ladies back in order for us guys to maintain a false sense of superiority over society at large. “Social Insecurity Numbers” is a lifeguard that has the powerful potential to see most of you women and girls.

Unfortunately, it will not seem all of you simply because all of you don’t think you need saved nor do all of you want saved. Solutions to these century-old problems are offered simply as options that you could accept or reject as you see fit. You can exercise the offered solutions to these deeply rooted problems, however, I warn you as I am a men, that’s a guy who just so happens to be a man, that if you don’t give this book your undivided attention and put your all into the solutions offer, then your results may not be what you expect.

I can assure you that you will benefit in countless ways by reading this and trying your individual [inaudible] private solutions first, and secondly, doing your best collectively to apply the solutions, remedies, and therapy. Society gives us guys insecurities based on the number of emotions we feel and express to the world. We are dehumanized and programmed to act like animals and robots. Right here in your hands are solutions for you fellas too.

My initial approach and writing this book, “Social Insecurity Numbers,” was from a journalistic point of view and peeling back the multi onion layers of common insecurities. It only took about a month to discover that I had only reached the tip of the iceberg. At the core of those insecurities has always been some sort of hidden agenda and deception lies.

I leave you a piece on the note of think if you will and challenge if you dare.

Uh, my name is Gregory Kinnard. My, my state number is EV9358. You can find me at the PADOC website at SCI Forest. You could do an email contact with me.