Prison Radio
Hakim Kikongo Akbar

My name is Hakim Kikongo Akbar. I’m a prisoner in the state of California calling from Salinas Valley State Prison. Just calling to really check in on an update: they had me underneath the pen for a minute. In the shoe locked down in transition due to my activism. So I’m back out on the mainline, I’m able to get on the phone and reach out to the people. My health is good, I’m staying strong.

I did catch the COVID-19, and everything went wrong. I experienced the hardships from the after-effects. The side-effects almost made me lose my breath. I’m watching other people around me get sick, sad—they got mental health issues. Wherever I go, I’m gonna shine a light on them: issues to help people find their way. I’m still standing strong; I’ve been down for too long. Everything in my life went wrong, but I’m still standing strong.

I expect people to stay strong and not live wrong, but live right. Keep shining that light. I’m still standing strong.