Prison Radio
Fred Jackson

Uh, my name is uh, Fred Jackson. I’m addressing some concerns as to, uh, systematic poisoning in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation at high level security uh, prisons. Uh, particularly, uh Tehachapi state prison. Tey have, uh, high content of lead, which is, uh, exceeding the maximum contaminant levels. And it causes, uh, brain damage, high blood pressure, muscle pain, memory, and concentration problems. Most symptoms were never- they were concealed from the inmates.

Uh, I found this as uh, seems like a pattern of housing, uh, troubled inmates, problem and problematic inmates and inmates who are litigators and just people that they don’t really care for. Uh, this is occurred, you know in Kern Valley State Prison as well, but the, the situation was, uh, arsenic in the water as opposed to lead. And, these are the lead poisoning and the arsenic poisoners seems like a pattern of behavior by the California Department of Corrections in housing most of the undesirable inmates.

Uh, the arsenic in Kern Valley, uh, cause skin damage, pigmentation [inaudible] prostate, large [inaudible] of which I had to have on this surgery. And numerous inmates had it, and some other inmates died from other, uh, problematic health problems that they incurred through the, uh, long-term, uh, exposure to these, uh, uh, poison contaminants in the water, uh. Due to having no voice, uh, lack of lawyers, or people who would advocate- advocate for these inmates, there being- the incidents are being covered up and they have no way of, uh, conveying these [inaudible] information out to the public where they know. Uh, oftentimes they’re neglected and, as I said, it’s a lack of education, and the lack of, uh, advocacies, and most lawyers don’t want to handle the cases.

But, if you want more information on this matter, uh, you can contact Fred J. Jackson. My CDC number is K46860. I’m located at PO box 1902 Tehachapi, California. Uh, 93581 is the zip code. Uh, thank you for your time.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.