Prison Radio
Robert T. Hinds

Hello. My name is Robert Hinds, and my number is 410196. I’m currently incarcerated at the Michigan Department of Corrections in Chippewa Correctional Facility.

If you are someone that’s fighting for or supporting a loved one, a friend, or advocating against mass incarceration or run for convention, this message is you. I just want to say thank you for the diligence and hard work and all the sacrifice that you may have to make in this fight. I know being there for someone in prison is not easy, and it does take work.

I would like to be a voice of encouragement and let you know that the work that you are doing is valuable. Even when you don’t understand, there’s often a reason or message behind the things your loved one asks you to do. The phone calls you make, the people you are asked to look up on social media, all this can help us. And the people that we may even ask you to write. To all the ladies, the mothers, the daughters, the sisters, the wives, the girlfriends, and all the home girls that have [inaudible] like they was supposed to, or the ones currently doing it, I just want to applaud you and say thank you.

I was share an example. I asked one of my family members to try to obtain a miscellaneous file from the Detroit Police Department. They tried one time and gave up. There was a complete stranger at the time that fought diligently for three years to get the file for me. After three years, she was able to get the file. This file contains all the evidence that can help me prove my innocence that was never turned over to my attorney and me. If she would’ve given up and stopped searching for this file, I would have never learned about this evidence.

So this is an example of continuing to fight, continuing to do. It can pay off. The reason I’m sharing this story is to let you know that it might not be easy, but don’t give up. Use my case and my story as an example of motivation to continue to fight for your loved ones.

Once you see all the evidence for yourself, please share and sign a petition at If you have any questions about this, you can feel free to contact me on JPay with the information at the beginning of this message. Thank you.

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