Prison Radio
Stevie Stevenson

My name is Stevie J. Stevenson, K16324. And the title of this piece is “Unlawfully Incarcerated.”

I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’ve been down for the past 28 years. In 2012, I filed what is called a penal code 105 4.9 motion for post-conviction discovery. In 2015, I received documents which was a, um, lawsuit, uh, number BC002201 and number BC020272, from the Los Angeles Superior Court, that showed the two lead investigators in my case, Larry Headwall and Norman Jackson tortured, battered, and assaulted witnesses in my case, really witnesses for the prosecution.

Since filing that, uh, motion, I found out that the prosecutor in my case, who withheld the evidence is Patricia Wilkerson. At this moment, Patricia Wilkinson is the head deputy district attorney of the Los Angeles Major Crimes Unit. Since filling the motion as well, the judge who presides over my discovery proceeding is Craig Richmond, who was a former prosecutor who worked with both Patricia Wilkinson and what is called the Special Investigative Section Detectives, known as the death squad.

This judge will not allow me to participate in any part of the discovery proceeds, which has prevented me from asking for discovery and asking for an in-camera review, other detectives who was involved not only in torturing my case, but the unlawful killings of other people as well. Thank you very much.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.