Prison Radio
Dortell Williams

California prisoners love PREP. You know why?

Because PREP offers faith and hope. PREP stands for Partnership For Re-Entry Program. What PREP does is to offer rehabiltative correspondence lessons to prisoners thristy for self-help and personal growth.

I know this might come as a surprise–that prisoners, many prisoners–want to reform themselves. The problem is that the department of “corrections” isn’t structured for that. That’s why you should give ear to President Barack Obama, and others, who speak out against jailhouse human warehousing.

Meanwhile, PREP offers couses against domestic violence, racial hatred, gang banging and other anti-social behaviors. And when the majority of my peers inevitably get out, statistics show that such proven, faith-based programs actually raise former prisoners post-parole success rates. I’m talking remakable success rates, from the 50 percent that “corrections” manages to attain, to over 70 percent for faith-based institutions such as PREP.

As a prisoner for last two decades, I’ve conducted and facilitated many rehabilitative programs, and with each class selection, which is always limited to scarce class space, there is a hot waiting list. Prisoners want help, and a truly humane society offer help. That’s what PREP does. I’m tellin’ you, this is the real deal! Rehabilitation, personal reformation and personal growth, that’s what PREP offers. And what do you get? Safer streets, and who doesn’t want that?

To support PREP, and real public safety, check out PREP’s 9th annual art show at: or call (323) 371-0757.