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We’re reaching out to you on behalf of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, who was recently moved to Red Onion State Prison in Virginia, “The Site of Entrenched Racism and Past Abuse.” Red Onion has been repeatedly exposed and cited for human rights violations by organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. 
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His retaliatory transfer stopped his cancer treatment. He needs to be returned immediately to continue getting critical medical care. He has asked that we demand his immediate transfer back to Sussex 1 State Prison.
We recently learned that the VADOC Health Services Office will be involved in the decision on whether or not to move him. This is their phone number: 804-887-8118. Call them today to support Rashid!
You can leave a message expressing your solidarity and demand that he be moved back to the facility where he can access treatment. No one should have to suffer the abuses that Rashid experienced during the heinous move to Red Onion, especially not someone who was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. 
Healthcare is a human right. The Virginia Department of Corrections has failed to provide minimum healthcare to Rashid and others.
Yesterday, we received a report from Rashid that a fellow inmate, Charles Coleman, who was also recently moved to Red Onion State Prison, is suffering from two types of advanced heart disease and is being prevented from accessing the monitoring and care he needs for his frequent cardiac episodes. Rashid has witnessed him suffer several cardiac emergencies in the month since his move to Red Onion. The prison medical team has restricted his access to his heart medication and refuses to assess his condition as their medical protocol requires. This is effectively a form of murder by medical neglect. Read Rashid’s report here.
Rashid’s supporters have organized in the past to express concern about the long delays in his cancer diagnosis. This is another moment and opportunity to take action and speak out against these injustices.
You can write to Rashid at this address:
Kevin “Rashid” Johnson #1007485Red Onion State Prison10800 H. Jack Rose Hwy.Pound, VA 24279
Rashid’s latest commentary with Prison Radio is published on our website, check it out here.
Make your voice heard. Join Rashid in calling out the VADOC’s pattern of medical neglect.
In Solidarity,
Leo Dugan, Office Manager