Prison Radio

Demand that Keven “Rashid” Johnson be allowed to stay at either Sussex I or Buckingham, on the east side of the state of Virginia. Red Onion State Prison is far on the west side of Virginia and will make it impossible for Rashid to access his care.

Here is an example of what you might say on the phone:

Hi, I am calling with grave concern about the status of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson who is participating in the Red Onion State Prison hunger strike. He must be allowed to remain close to the medical facility where he accesses treatment for his prostate cancer and congestive heart failure. Please move him back to Sussex I or Buckingham. Additionally, the use of solitary confinement in the state of Virginia is cruel and illegal. I am demanding an end to the use of this practice inside your prisons. We are watching the strike and we will not stop calling until the striker’s demands are met. Thank you.

The contact info is as follows:
VADOC Director, Chadwick S Dotson *NEW NUMBER*Phone: (804) 674-3000 (then hit “0” for staff)Email:
VADOC Interstate Compact Liaison, Kyle RoschPhone: (804) 887-8404Email:
VADOC, Chief of Corrections Operations, David RobinsonPhone: (804) 887-8078Email:
Governor of Virginia, Glenn YoungkinPhone: (804) 786-2211Email:
This is a matter of the utmost urgency as Rashid’s vitals worsen by the day. We are very worried about him and we are receiving conflicting, unclear information from the VADOC, which indicates their efforts to obscure the truth about what is going on. Please share and take action in any way you can, and we will continue to stay alert to any updates on his situation.