Prison Radio
Lexter Almagro

Anything worth fighting for is worth killing for, and everything worth killing for is worth dying for. [Inaudible]

I have made myself responsible for all of my actions and my decisions. But if you will, change yourself in one of my shoes for nothing more than just a second and allow yourself to feel the unjustifiable abuse of being pre-judged upon your first impression, to turn around and meet the stares of a delusional, misconcepted [inaudible] stereotype, [inaudible] negative thoughts of a skin complexion. Prejudice is simply the equivalence of ignorance: the act of not knowing what our capabilities of understanding, to be incompetent, makes you a fool, and to given enough time in my other shoe is to brace yourself for the many questions that shall receive no answers.

Why did my [inaudible] fall victim of watching my mother being stabbed nine times by her spouse in the fetal position and cuddled next to her was my baby sister who suffered a puncture wound to the head while being breastfed in the fetal position. Why did my [inaudible] fall victim [inaudible] like a waterfall that seemed to never dry. so I cried and cried, looking towards the sky, asking why did my [inaudible] fall victim.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.