Prison Radio
Delbert Africa

On a Move. This is Delbert Africa and I just want to reach out to everybody on the radio and tell them that I and the rest of the MOVE 9 are still On a Move! After 35 years of this oppressive incarceration, we still ain’t giving up. I want to assure all of our supporters, all those that believe in the example we’ve been setting for these years, that we ain’t stopping! That we keep going on.

This year the parole board, as they’ve done for the last five times, recently gave all the MOVE members hits, in other words, sent us back from one to two years again, using the same lame excuse that we show no remorse. And as I and other MOVE members have told them, “We don’t show no remorse for something we did not do!” August 8, 1978 it was the police who came out there to our house with murderous intent. It was the police that came out there 600 strong ready to kill and we stood in our house and said, “We will not be moved by your threats of oppression” and so forth. In their murderous rage to eliminate MOVE, they shot up one another and we got the blame for it.

So I just wanted to call in and hopefully get everybody to call up the Pennsylvania Parole Board and voice your opposition to the illegal incarceration of MOVE. The parole hotline number in Pennsylvania is 1(717) 772-4343 and I hope that people will jump on that hotline and call them up and voice your opposition. There has to be a stopping, not only to the horrendous deaths of people like Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, and the murderous assault against MOVE May 13, 1985, but there has to be a stopping of this political incarceration of those who protest the injustices of this system. I hope that people will call up and get on the horn and voice how you feel to the Pennsylvania Parole Board.

And for everybody on the East Coast, I want to say that MOVE is having programs about oppression and calling for a united demonstration – not just those that are affiliated with MOVE, but everybody. Those who are protesting the incarceration of Leonard Peltier, Lynn Stewart, Jalil Amin, all the political prisoners that are in America and on Wednesday, August 7th at the rotunda at 4014 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, there will be an opportunity for people to come out and voice their opposition, so we can stop this thing. For more information on that, call 1(215) 386-1165. I urge people, if you’re anywhere within driving distance or walking distance, come on out there. Show your support, not only for the MOVE 9 but for all oppressed people.

On a Move. This is Delbert Africa calling from Dallas State Prison in Pennsylvania and I want to thank Prison Radio for the opportunity to shout out to everybody. That’s my On a Move to everybody. Keep on pushing! Thank you.