Prison Radio
Julia Wigley

Hi, my name is Julia Wigley, and I’m calling from only female’s facility in Michigan.

So I know there’s a COVID-19 epidemic going around. However, the way that they’re treating us in this prison is totally out of order. Over 200 women have tested positive for COVID. They’re quarantining people who have close contact. They haven’t been vaccinated. That’s fine.

The hot spot is our chow hall where food is prepared. Every supervisor has tested positive. All the food service workers are testing positive. Not only do we not have hot water, we’re showering and washing our hands in cold water, our laundry hasn’t been done in two days, they’re working the officers two and three shifts at a time, and in addition to all that, we can’t get store. So maybe we’ll eat by three, maybe we’ll eat by five, who knows?

I think they should call in the National Guard, close down the chow hall, just go through and sanitize it, and let’s start all over. Staff is short, they don’t have enough people to do anything, the laundry, the store, the food service, and it’s happening every single day. So what are we supposed to do?

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