Prison Radio
Ronald Earnest Jones

Hi, folks, my name is Ronald Ernesto Jones, and I’m calling in from the Michigan Department of Corrections, EC Brooks Facility. My prison number is 276531. Even if you would like to contact me, you can contact me at

And this commentary here is about COVID on the inside of prison and how the CDC guidelines protocol was failed at the hands of Michigan Department of Corrections, how 12 individuals I know for a fact that died at the hands of Michigan Department of Correction because they failed to follow the guidelines of COVID protocol, and a lot of people actually doesn’t believe how bad it is in here on us.

You know, we actually only make no more than 24 to 34 cents per hour on jobs, and they always constantly increase the pay on food and different type of cosmetic items that we have to purchase.

So, you know, if a person have a nephew or niece or cousin, sister or brother or father or mother that’s here in prison, and you can hear in they voice that things really kind of hard for them in prison, that’s because it actually is.

Being here inside, you know, we all committed crimes and did wrongs, some really doesn’t know how to make amends to their wrongs, but then some do, so it wouldn’t be a good thing to look bad on people that’s in prison, because everybody in prison is not a bad person. It’s a lot of good people in here that’s going through a lot of changes in their life.

But due to the fact of COVID, it really has been dramatically for the downside for everybody in here. Guys is still struggling with COVID for us health wise. We doesn’t get the full adequate health care system in here that they had to offer us. We doesn’t get the adequate nutrition out of food or anything.

So I just wanted- for this first time, I just want to let all you people out there in the world know how it really is in here in prison in Michigan. It’s bad. It is seriously bad. And for a lot of politics and legislators who say that they’re doing this and doing that, a lot of those be a bunch of liars and they never really do nothing for us in here.

Thank you.

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