Prison Radio
Ronald Earnest Jones

My name is Ronald, my inmate number 276531, I’m calling from LRF Brooks Correctional Facility. This here is unreasonable constitutional violations.

I’m trying to support fellow prisoners here at this facility where I’m at. There’s a lot of prisoners that are being slaughtered as sheeps by the administration. Their constitutional rights under the federal constitution are constantly being violated. Most of the inmates are in a mental health program which they call RTP, and being an advocate for prisoners is hard from here, you know, for legal resources being limited, paying for legal copies, and legal minimums. There’s so many prisoners that was put in unreasonable situations in the process of COVID, and that should have been a crime.

I’m also putting together a program for one-on-one counseling for gender discrimination. There’s an equal protection standard when it comes to this and it needs to be challenged for the LGBTQ community to move throughout these facilities unharmed and supported as a whole.

So if there’s anyone that can assist me in these matters, please contact me at Ronald Jones, prisoner number 276531 at Thank you.

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