Prison Radio
Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

So this commentary is on the murder of Daunte Wright. Um, the cycle continues. Um, it’s funny how less than 10 miles from where the trial of Derek Chauvin, the pig who murdered George Floyd, is being held, another Minnesota pig shoots and kills an black kid. Um, the initial reason for the traffic stop was over an air freshener hanging on his rearview mirror. Let that sink in for a second. See, it’s these kinds of stupid laws which are often used as a pretext for racial profiling. Once he was pulled over, they claimed that he had a warrant out for his arrest, um, a misdemeanor at that. Um, this, uh, this warrant, apparently [inaudible] marijuana arrest and was supposed to pay a fine and failed to do so among other misdemeanor charges. I find this to be quite interesting for a state that claims to embrace the legalization of marijuana. And when he was pulled over, when they attempted to place him in handcuffs, he tried to get away once he was inside his vehicle with his girlfriend on the passenger seat. A pig named Kim Porter, reached for her gun, shot and killed the 20-year-old Daunte Wright. So by now we’ve all seen this video. Once again, her reason was that it was an accidental discharge. She meant to use a taser but reached for her gun instead. Um, this is someone who had been with the police was for 26 years. In fact, she was one of the top field of training officer. It’s safe to assume that she has had a lot of weapons training over the years. Now in the realm of logic, it’s hard to fathom how in the hell a 26-year police vet accidentally confuses a taser for a gun. But she did actually shoot and kill Daunte Wright by an accident as she claimed that she mistakes a taser for a gun. If a 26-year vet can make such a mistake, then it’s emblematic to training she received, which indicates there’s a much larger at hand, not just her training, but especially with racial profiling. Um, in this day and age, um, proportionally, more black people were murdered by pigs than those were killed by lynch mobs during the Jim Crow era. We get murdered simply for walking, driving, selling loose cigarettes, counterfeit $20 bills, expired tags, etcetera. Any mundane interaction between pigs and black people can easily translate into the murder of black men and women. Now we have yet another mother who is in a club that no mother wants to be in, no father wants to be in, no family member wants to be in, um, who has lost her son to police killing—a family without their loved one once again. His girlfriend is traumatized for the rest of her whole life for witnessing Daunte get murdered in front of her. All we want is justice and equal treatment. They’re lucky we aren’t seeking for revenge for the countless black bodies that have been unjustifiably taken from us. How many black people must be killed for no reason at all for there to be some actual kind of change? What’s next? Are we going to protest, revolt, then move on, hashtag until it happens again? This cycle of state-imposed lynchings must come to an end. Fuck defunding police. The police structure must be abolished. That’s the only way to get past and finally break this cycle. All power to the people. And before I do conclude with that commentary, I just want to say that black lives matter. They have tremendous value despite their constant attempts to make us feel less valuable as humans. confidence and try to make us feel less valuable as a human. We are descendants of kings and queens. We are strong, resilient, and beautiful. Our lives matter. Our lives are valuable, despite the constant attempts to dehumanize us. Let’s keep our heads above water and walk with that swag that reminds them that we are valuable, we matter, you can never break our spirits. All power to the people. These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.