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Andraus McCloud

Okay. My name is Andraus McCloud,and my number three, 302822. I’m currently incarcerated at Chippewa Correctional Facility. I’m innocent. I’ve been fighting for my freedom for almost 16 years.

My story is kind of unique. Recently, my sentencing judge have became a lawyer and we ended up with this lawyer who was my sentencing judge in order to show him newly discovered evidence that he wasn’t privy to have a trial judge. At the conclusion of the meeting, it left with him believing in my innocence and also representing me. As he tried to represent me, we later found that this would have been a conflict of interest.

I was represented by [inaudible] which is an organization that has one of the lowest incarceration rates in Michigan. In the midst of me telling my story with platforms like this, I was able to do a podcast, and when I did a podcast, I kept telling guys that I was innocent, I can prove that officers tampered my evidence, and about the meeting with my sentencing judge, this led to a correctional officer just challenging me, telling me to prove that I was innocent.

So in the midst of me proving that I was innocent to him, we talked over the course of a few weeks. My investigator sent him information, and we ended up proving to him that I was innocent, and he ended up setting a petition up for my release that can be filed on

If you have issues finding it, you can go to, look in the upper right-hand corner. You will see three bars, click on those three bars, then click search and type in my name, Andraus McCloud, curious McClard, and again, my inmate number. If you want to contact me directly, it’s 302822.

Tomorrow, I have another interview with this same guy, the guy’s platform. We will be posting evidence to prove that officers tampered evidence in my case. And I was initially wrongfully convicted on an aiding and abetting theory, second degree murder, home invasion, and armed robbery.

I was acquitted of all gun charges, which as crazy as it sound, the person that I was choosing to aid was coming forward and he’s trying to help exonerate me. I asked that anybody shared the link to this petition on any social platform that you have.

And I say that God bless you. And I appreciate you helping me out.

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