Prison Radio
Bilal Muhammad

So, so again, I deeply apologize for not giving commentary. I let the courts and the jail wear me down physically and mentally, and put me out of the fight for a little. Ms. Pam Africa told me herself never to give up, and I told her that I would not.

So please excuse my absence, it’s just so much the system does, on almost every level, to break us and take our resolve. I just needed a little recharge now I’m ready to go. But more than just a few of us cannot handle it, and they take their own lives. One of, one of my future commentaries will be about suicides in jails and prisons. Of course, mainly focusing on El Paso. Our suicide rate fluctuates between 5 to 10% a year.

Prison radio and the people keep me going, the El Paso fam of determined people keep me going. The EP [inaudible] for justice keep me going. All my teachers and supporters here in El Paso keep me going. My mother and my family keep me going. My kids keep me going. My innocence and hope for real justice keep me going. And you listeners keep me going.

This organization, or rather community, is much more than just the outlet or support system. It brings with it awareness, which then fosters change, and the one cannot happen without the other. For years and years, I’ve been praying that people would somehow be made aware of all the injustice happening to me and would start to analyze and look at the court.

Well, my prayers had been made manifest, I had been resurrected. No longer am I just buried in this jail coffin, forgotten and dead to the world. My voice is carried beyond the grave where people can hear, then demand justice and I will be freed in the flesh, as they have never conquered my mind or my spirit. You all give me hope and the strength to keep going, and I love each and every single one of you. Power to the people. That’s that’s all I got for today. One of my next major commentaries will be about the unspoken seven tactics used by the government.

Please review my first commentary for the other six tactics. And as always, please write if you have any comments, questions or concerns, I would respond to such. And please do me one big favor. Listen to Tracy Chapman song titled “Freedom Now” and see if it moves you like it does me. Peace, Muhammad.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.