Prison Radio
Bilal Muhammad

My name is Bilal Hassan Ibn Muhammad. I’m calling from the El Paso County Jail annex, El Paso, Texas 79938. And I just wanted to leave a comment today on the recent killing, it was inmate-on-inmate violence. The sheriff’s office has been releasing a lot of misinformation to the public. And I guess let me just do a little disclaimer before I start, you know, um the, I guess the the jail term is I’m “solo”, you know, I’m not affiliated with any gang. I’m not a gang member, or anything like that. So I just wanted to put that out before I go ahead and continue. So basically, what happened was that the sheriff put a rival gang member into another pod that was controlled by, you know, these rival members. And this is this is, they do this often, in order to either punish people, or get people to go ahead and confirm themselves as gang members so that they, they’ll get moved to a pod where, you know, their gang is. So they move this this older gentleman, I think he was about 57 years old, into a rival gang. Shortly thereafter, he was beaten to death–it seems like, the allegations–by six other inmates. And this lasted for 45 minutes. And they didn’t even realize it until the next day. And they’re acting like they didn’t know what’s going on. Like I said, this is this is an everyday practice. Just the other day, you know, a guard–I’m not gonna leave her name–was pissed off at this individual inmate ’cause he wasn’t wearing his uniform. So she moved him–he was a Caucasian individual–to this area that we call the jungle. And we all know what’s going to happen to him when he gets there. He’s probably already been beat up and moved to a different unit. But I believe that the sheriff’s office should be held accountable for this because they constantly do this. And it has resulted in an inmate’s death, and it’s very upsetting. And my hope is to get this information to the local media outlets out here so that they at least can know the truth and his family to know the truth. I appreciate your time. Take care.

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