Prison Radio
Izell Robinson

I’m Izell Robinson, Minnesota inmate number 210006, and today I’m going to just perform a little rap piece for you all, kind of about, you know, my tribulations with the state. Here we go.

What’s that the [inaudible] be saying?

Another one?

Well, this is another one.

I don’t know why they mad, but ask me if I care

It’s game over

Dear Minnesota, middle finger to you

Government and state wanna hook me like bait

Sink me in one of your 10,000 lakes

An allegation is all it takes

Investigation incomplete, yet police get paid

Cause this a victim that the state made

It was more she say, forget what he say

Because if it’s me too, they see it one way

Couldn’t beat consent, had to be crime

A statistic for violence has climbed

Recidivism rates still ain’t declined

[Inaudible] since last I did time

Mandated treatment and therapists lying

Honestly what they telling I ain’t buying

Rather spend [inaudible] on bettering me

Helping my see something to believe

When something at the core is love and tragedy

System put a stop to who I’m to be

Until my hope faded like a jail tattoo

The state versus me, that ain’t nothing new

I been through all the tricks, they all [inaudible] to distance you

Like nosebleed seats, anything to take you from the streets

These [inaudible] where they play a game for keeps

Have you acted too sweet in the city of men

Where behind closed doors they sit and grin

Make prison life a laughing matter

Forget the ripple of lives shattered

Loaded untruths point the trigger me

Group therapy and trash they recycle to me

They are talking but they empty of empathy

Practicing injustice with no remedies

Don’t care about right just wanna agree

Turn innocence to guilt, just look at me

Appeal after appeal, and still I ain’t free

Expected to wake up in a box with glee

System label it a therapeutic community

But it’s damaged like coffee on the white T

And they wanna force accountability

Yet I can’t the type to false comply

Why you try to get me to admit to a lie?

And how speculation get me all this time?

This ain’t subliminal, the message is a rhyme

When I’m just trying to bridge the divide

They’re just trying to collapse like I-35

If only the public knew just how justice is abused

And taxpayer dollars severely misused

If I’m really the criminal, I’m really confused

Who’s stacking money for the fake crimes pursued

After this, you [inaudible] just a lot of fight and stiff attitude

Can’t believe I spit thoughts so new

Stripped to the anger you found rude

Take it back to my genius in high school

Smart as a nerd but fit to do

How I bring the light shining as a jewel

Because I’m a rare gem, never been your fool

Just an enemy of the state you made

I never play it how you expect to play

So keep pushing buttons ’til it’s game over

So keep pushing buttons ’til it’s game over

So keep pushing buttons ’til it’s game over

‘Til it’s game over

‘Til it’s game over

Stay tuned, that’s all that I can say, stay tuned

Yeah, Gnik

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio