Prison Radio
Sharon Hinojosa

My name is Sharon Hinijosa, 823708 from Women’s Huron Valley.

I’m in unit four and we have big- sick- we have no air and we have big industrial-sized fans, and we don’t even have one upstairs, so it’s hotter upstairs. We’re taking cold showers, mold all in the shower. We are built up in the day room.

There’s no room. We’re stacked on each other. They have a whole day room with nobody in there. We get cold water once a day from the chow hall. They won’t fill it up all the time. It’s just horrible. There’s a lot of mold in the shower.

So I want to thank you for trying to help us women, and we’re not allowed to go nowhere. We only go to our small yards to the chow hall or the med line. We can’t do nothing. We’re just stuck in a unit, and we go in an hour at a time, and half of us, we have to be on sanction in our room. Can’t go nowhere.

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