Prison Radio
Shelton Coleman

Shelton Coleman, 815801. I was hit by a maintenance man. He was driving a Gator and he hit me, side-swiped me, and I’ve been trying to get somebody–the inspectors–to see me so that I can press charges, and no one has seen me. I was walking down the walkway, I was coming from chow, it was actually a whole, like, two, three units, so I’d say a hundred-and-something people on the walkway. And he just was speeding through on the walkway and he side-swiped me. He got out the car and he called me out my name and told me that I ran into the Gator, and he tried to send me to seg[regation]. They actually did see it on camera but they refused to do something about it. And they pretty much told me that they’re not gonna do nothing about it.

So I’m lost on what I’m supposed to do. They threw away all my grievances and I’m not sure what to do. They won’t see me in healthcare, my arm is still swole, and the guy’s still here and he’s harassing me. He thinks it’s funny. I wrote it up. This was in May and nothing has happened. They actually blocked my number–my PIN–from calling y’all. I would’ve been called y’all. They blocked my PIN number.

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