Prison Radio
Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

If there were no police, there would be more peace, 

No more violent deceased, the violence would cease. 

This ain’t fantasy, it’s fact. With their feet on our back, 

The pigs are the ones holding us back, ’cause we Black. 

Flooding our hoods with crack, keeping the brown down, 

Sowing seeds of separation, dividing our towns, 

Leaving our communities in devastation. 

Gunning our youth down, the sources of fentanyl, pills, meth. 

They’re the ones who jack us up, all forms of chemical death. 

They are the ones who back us up into corners from city to cell blocks. 

We don’t need cops, they are the real opps.

So long as they’re here, the chaos won’t stop. 

Push them out so we can all rise to the top. 

Find common ground, love without bounds. 

How that sound? A new order of things, 

Where people get along and they can settle their wrongs, 

From old to young, tall to stout

Together we shout, “F**k the police, get the hell out.” 

Their sole role is control, 

To keep their head stuck down in a hole or decorating landscape on poles. 

Looking for the true terrorists? The boys in blue, there it is. 

They’re the cause of our problems. 

They’ve never solved them, making war on the poor, 

Our lives plain s****y. And now they want to build a whole Cop City? 

Manipulators, instigators, infiltrators, agitators. 

When problems arise, they show up way later. 

Incite gang wars, create crimes, and kick in doors. 

They’ll entrap you and smack you down on all fours. 

They’re no one’s friend. 

Officer Friendly shows up,

Only when they’re trying to mend fences and bridges they done burned, 

Erase the lessons people done learned that pigs can’t be trusted. 

It’s damage control. Their game is old. 

If there were no police, we wouldn’t live in fear. 

We’d have security manned by the people who live right here. 

With safe spaces where kids could play, 

Old folks could stay on their stoops like back in the day, 

Late into the night, not a worry in sight. 

Kids having fun, not busting guns beneath street lights. 

If there were no cops, the hood would be grand, and we could all stand—united as one,

Like a colony of ants, where the young have a chance to grow old and wise, 

Not being sold on lies about hero pigs, soldiers, moles, and spies. 

The people are the heroes—police zeros. 

Cut them out of the equation and we live near to a real utopia,

Like the South generations ago, where Black folks didn’t lock doors

And everybody tended to each other and meant it when they called you “sister” or “brother.”

Wasn’t no cops in our space, trying our place.

So, it’s a lie that we can’t keep the peace. If they weren’t here, the conflicts would cease.

We can live at ease—that’s how it would be, if there were no police. 

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.