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Cell Blocks: Young, Gifted, and Black

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

This is “Cell Blocks Full of Young, Gifted, and Black,” by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson.  If ever you want to discover a place of boundless treasure, where sisters and brothers can be found with talents beyond… Full Transcript

The Awakening

Izell Robinson

The Awakening. Toxin vibrating through our ears. Are we woke enough to hear? No doubt. For us to awaken some elite fear. They rather us sleep. That’s clear. But I ask, Are you awoke for… Full Transcript

16. Martin Espada – Another Nameless Prostitute Says The Man Is Innocent

Mumia Abu-Jamal

This is the poem that NPR didn’t want you to hear. It’s called, “Another Nameless Prostitute Says The Man Is Innocent,” for Mumia Abu-Jamal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Camden, New Jersey April 1997. ‘The board-blinded windows knew… Full Transcript