Prison Radio
Steven Nicholson

Hey guys, this is Steve Nicholson, 492918 from Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson, MI, and I just wanted to say that all of our prayers go out to the families of the children in Texas and even the gunman’s family. And I had wrote this poem years ago when the Vegas shooting happened, and I call it “Tragic Static.”

Tragic static, tragic triumph, stagnant test, panic, massive dying. Tragic static, tragic triumph, stagnant test, panic, massive dying.

When the guns go clap, our first react is wondering where the kids at. It’s going down, look for the kid with the backpack. What kind of joke is that? Hey dad, what kind of joke is that? How do we fix that? “How do you fix that,” God says. “I created you for that.”

But I got to check the Instagram. I gotta clap back with my text app. If you want me to fix that, show me the app, man, your smartphone ain’t that smart for that. We’ve got to confront that crap, up front dialogue with the kids at the back of the class, but the truth for inner city youth, the size of the class is too big for that, facts.

But the fact is the blast coming in mass happened in a so-called upper class. What’s up with that? Lavish lifestyles must make stress rise. Maybe the free lunch was missing the chili for the fries. Now adults have picked up the torch. These psychos might go direct in the post. If we defend one way, they may step out and blaze, trays in our face from long range.

I’m just saying that shooter in Vegas had guns for days, set up cameras, crazed to put the cops in amazing blaze, just like the days in the maze of our ways. Don’t end up frozen like Jack in The Shining, one-way minded and not minding the blinding of societal crying while suicide bombers deciding dying is to their liking.

In Iran and Sudan and countries just like them, shalom and Islam, these peace greetings in the mid-eastern region and Jesus believing ain’t saving us from these heaters, only intimacy with Jesus and faithful believing and supernatural proceedings without legalistic ideals will be the defeatist for hateful endeavors by these demons.

Talk of these bump stocks and Trump talks some gun laws and Trump stocks, man, bump Trump who don’t walk when he talks, put no stock in Trump who stalks the halls of mines at a loss for words for when Trump talks like he has a loss for words. Big bird with a bird brain just being used for God’s use for future truths, fulfill to prove our personal purpose, purpose, true, he’s a crass ass, just like the ass in numbers 22, 22 was used in pursuit of putting Dylann to use.

Trump’s just being used. Yeah, this is very true. He has no clues to his purpose and use that God institutes before we’re birthed out of them tubes. Trump’s no goody two-shoes as a deuce with no clues, and his conduct is my proof. Even kangaroo courts couldn’t deny that his power is misused, but don’t worry, my dudes. Youth and Melania too, cause Donald would bow too when Jesus come back, proving the Bible is true.

Thank you guys for taking the time to listen. It’s a little longer than normal. God bless you all.

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