Prison Radio
Steven Nicholson

Hi, this is Mr. Nicholson, Steve, from Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson, MI. I’ve been off of here for a while, just been very busy crocheting and doing a lot of other stuff. Prison life can be busy too. Thank God for that. This poem is called “The blood of the lamb.”

The blood of the lamb.

Salvation for every woman and man. Is that all of the plan? Is there more to understand? Here’s an answer, man. There’s power in the blood of the lamb.

Power, power, wonder working power in the blood of the lamb. Okay, enough of that. Me singing is never in the plan.

So back to the blood then. Can it heal? It can. Break will? It can. Can it spilll? It can. The blood spilled, cascaded and covered the fresh dirt, cascaded and covered our flesh heart.

New start to break division and derision given to the family of humanity since Cain broke the brain connection. We need correction, but we ain’t the ones to do all the correcting.

Holy Spirit’s gentle inflection frees us from our mental ban to “I am,” so be free from the scam of the dividing lines of a democrat or republican. Herd mentality, the curse of man.

But the blood ain’t rational. In his hand, it’s the pastor’s covering them to go international. Death angels and cancers will pass from you, just ask these angels from international.

We transporting answers to you like packages on them trucks from international. Where did I get that rationale? When the breakdown of society is on a level, international.

Scoffers, faith will plant ya. Don’t be paranoid. God’s word won’t return void. His accomplishment is astonishing. It’s a phenomenon. Not something like one, something like a phenomenon. Open your ears to see.

Yeah, I’m one. Now I’m done. Give a Hallelujah to the King who’s all done, sitting on the right of the throne, biding time outside of time, waiting to take us home. Until then, the blood covers us and limits everywhere that Satan is trying to roam.

The blood of the lamb.

Thank you.

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