Prison Radio
Steven Nicholson

This poem is unnamed.

Final performance; the day after: torments.

And my heart flutters with the pitter-patter of longing

*PCAP family, truly our family cultivating a sense of belonging,

The resounding resonance of missing our students shakes my heart till it hurts.

When will NVOC see that despite all of their collective corrective arming, they lack PCAP love which has proven so disarming.

We are like an army, an army of love,

An army of one shining like the sun.

I pray I may help them all see, they’re moving like Jesus,

The students I love may not even know they’re doing for us exactly what Jesus instructs

When it comes to us locked and stuck in a crux of so called living.

Example-giving, the Book of Matthew chapter 25, verses 35 to 45.

He elaborates my point just enough,

But I digress back to the touch that tugs the hearts of us locked up,

And for a moment in time, pulls our minds out of this mess to be blessed by mere adolescence(?).

For me, there’s a hint,

A hint of my children reaching out from heaven to help lessen the low

On the burden of life in prison, which can be haunting, although my joy makes it nearly non-existent,

And PCAP helps enrich this enriching joy, despite my performance.

Today, and hereafter, torment relents.

That’s the poem guys and just for the sake of better understanding, *PCAP is the Prisoner Creative Arts Program through the University of Michigan. That’s what that PCAP meant. Thank you for your time and have a good day.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.