Prison Radio
Steven Nicholson

This is Steven Nicholson. I’m back again. It’s been a long time, but I’m back. I’ve been alright, just been busy, and just wanted to give you guys a couple poems. Quick disclaimer: I am okay. My mental status is fine. Before I read this poem, I don’t want anybody calling and, you know, thinking I’m in any danger, but this is just the true introspection right here and the victory from it. This poem, I call “Vain.”

Inspecting my reflection in the mirror for vein, not trying to ease the pain, looking for the heart to palpitate, to know I see the right vein, I ought to slaughter that carotid before this bit even got started. Revisions of a box cutter would have made a rough cut even rougher. But I’ve always been tougher. Now I burn rubber on visions of being suckered, get my mental mindframe into a different mainframe. I left the humble abode, that submission of control to God on His throne creates. New heights in price will bring new fights with meta-ethereal light, that radical medical literal medicinal methodical tactical battlefield tactics cannot even fight. It’s time to alight to the true light that darkness does not even have the eyesight let alone foresight to see, so how can darkness even fight when we walkin’ in that light? So if you still causing pain in any arrangement, you’re delusional floral arrangement is the pain, stop and smell the roses young buck, I ain’t playing. Snap snaps, you youngster, you think you slayin’? You’re only slaying future generations, killing yourself. If you have any future hesitation, just stop and kill yourself before you kill everybody else.

Thank you. “One More Glorious Vulnerability” is the name of this poem.

The more and more answers we obtain, contain hidden arrangements that left unchecked produce hidden derangement. Estrangement from the Creator of all creation can leave us on the edge of an embankment. Talk about vulnerable, lacking venerable bendable hearts of humble clay is in large part while we see the chaos we see today. Our heart of light can be false light, so we must seek the true light to open the panoramic view so bright, search all night, even if it don’t seem right because sometimes what seems right isn’t really all right. Peace, true peace comes with a piece of what is seemingly insanity. No fear of death will help us handle situations with supernatural visions supplied by ethereal eyesight from the morning star so bright, so to speak slow, so to speak, is to speak peace and love promoting unity which will take us farther, maybe not faster like missions we take on singularly. Separate but equal, not equal like the fate sugar but true equality will help us move totally through processes that are necessary with necessities we can see unless we have an eye that works singularly. True vision is when more than two can have the same vision, making one vision, so let’s envision a mission that will find all of the missing and help God hur his decision to end this rendition of Earth as we know it with his weak position. Glorious submission.

That’s it. Thank you guys for your time. I hope you enjoy.

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