Prison Radio
Jason Goudlock

My name is Jason Goudlock, and I’m an African American Ohio prisoner who is the subject of the recently released feature-length documentary titled Invisible Chess: The Jason Goudlock Story. Which is a film that chronicles my longtime situation of injustice and over incarceration as an outlaw prisoner who has been in prison since 1993 for aggravated robbery and felonious assault.

I’ve recorded this message to humbly ask that you please watch my documentary and share it on your social media platform. With criminal justice reform being a widely discussed topics throughout the United States, I believe the timing is perfect for Invisible Chess to be viewed by the masses. Your support would be greatly, greatly appreciated in this matter.

You can view the film for free online in its entirety by logging on to Youtube or That’s free Jason Goudlock, spelled G-O-U-D-L-O-C-K dot org. Learn how WNBA superstar Brittany Glider indirectly contributed to me being given a five year sentence continuous in 2014, due to my internationally publicized, lighthearted comment that I made to the Ohio parole board about NBA superstar, LeBron James. And learn about how an Ohio parole board member was caught by the Ohio State Highway Patrol filing a false criminal complaint against me.

Thank you.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.