Prison Radio
Joadanus Olivas

It’s all about numbers.

142,138. This is the number of individuals who are currently incarcerated and/or on parole, according to Here in California, the website also propagates that 36,000 of those 142,138 are out on parole supervision. So that means 106,138 individuals are physically behind bars here in prison in California.

According to the website as well, here in Delano, CA where I’m currently housed a.k.a. Kern Valley State Prison, the number one job that generates the most income, and has the most employees here in Delano, CA is this prison where I’m currently housed. There are 1500 employees to be exact and close to 4000 prisoners. A correctional officer can make up to $100,000 a year in overtime as well, plus the myriad of benefits that you receive on top of the being a CO.

According to the internet, a correctional officer has one of the highest rates to commit suicide. So in fact, I personally know of three COs killing themselves, and one killing his wife and child. To be a correctional officer in California is a difficult job if you ask me. The department is quite militarized and tends to micromanage.

Psychologists and doctors average a higher pay here in prison than working in the outside world. As well as every other occupation here in this California Department of Corrections, Business, and Corporation. It’s quite crazy to know that prisoners generate more money than correctional officers annually.

I’m worth for sure $100,000 without working overtime. People who pay taxes ensure that annually 106,138 prisoners here in Cali, you can easily estimate that this prison life is a billion dollar industry annually, possibly is worth trillions of dollars just here in California alone. Wow. Be honest. If you own California, would you end incarceration in prison? Probably not. It’s too good economically. It’s all about numbers.

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