Prison Radio
Edward Pinkney

Lynne Stewart, you are my hero. Lynne Stewart, for many years of struggle against inequality, oppression, and injustice. You knew the blindfolded lady with the balanced scales no longer exists here in America. But Lynne Stewart fought for us all. Lynne Stewart is my hero.

She’s also my friend. When I think of everything we have been through together, Lynne, you and I, we both have been to prison for crimes that was never committed. I am real sure that “friend” is not a big enough word to describe you, Lynne Stewart. What Lynne was to me, she never failed to give me what I needed, whether it was comfort and understanding or whatever.

Lynne Stewart told it like it is. I knew in her heart, she wanted the best for me. In her heart, it made me feel very protected. Lynne Stewart, you have been tried and tested. In my heart, you are still standing with me side by side. As far as I am concerned, we will always be that way together. Always be that way together, you and I, because you are so much more than just a friend. You are part of my heart.

We all owe you, Lynne Stewart. You have given your life for justice for all, so I say this to you. Rest in peace, Lynne Stewart. Rest in peace.

Your friend, always, Reverend Edward Pinkney.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.