Prison Radio
Eddie Treadwell

Hello, this is Eddie Treadwell at Alger Correctional Facility here in Michigan.

Once again, been having some thoughts about paying tribute to the men in our societies. We fail to give recognition to those who are actually doing the job in the communities of that of a man, right? There’s a lot of good men out in society today who is not being recognized for good that they do. Not saying that they want to be recognized or that they need some type of confirmation to they manhood, right? But people want to be recognized internally for–or acknowledged, appreciated for–the sacrifices and the work that they do every day, right? Far as to raising they children, taking care of they family, being supportive to other men and children in the community, being a role model and an example, you know, that others could follow. You know? It’s men around in our communities or society in which a lot of us don’t see. You know, because we caught up in the urban cities and the ghettos, and we see people who are byproducts of a man. You know, they leaving they children, leaving they women to take care of the children, and not being a productive member of the community, and, you know, causing chaos and confusion, you know, within the community, such as all these shootings and things going on in the community, and drugs and violence, etc. Right? So these men need help.

So this is also a call to people to stand up and be accounted for, you know. Where were you when it was time to stand up and be a man, and be a teacher, be a supporter? You know, be someone who can encourage and advise those who may be going astray in our communities, to put ’em back on the right track, the right path. You know, the world won’t get no better if we just let it be. So men have to be accountable. Everybody has to be accountable. You know, we can start making a change and making the world a better place by changing your thoughts and your ideas, and being a part of something that will help stimulate the ball within the community, you know. So, you know, it’s important that we recognize these men, you know, and let ’em know good job, they doing a good job, you know, keep up the good work. We have to encourage ’em, you know, continue to encourage these individuals, so they can keep carrying on the job that need to be done in our communities.

And with that, I would like to leave you as I came, in peace. And if you would like to contact me, I’m on Eddie Treadwell, Connect with me. I have a email account, email me, got any questions. Or either assist me in my desire to get out of prison so I can continue to be a benefit and asset to the community, because I believe that I have a lot to offer. And even inside of the institution, if those have an ear to hear, you know, I can help to stimulate thought and encourage the people. And I will continue upon my release.

So have a great day and until next time, signing off, Mr. Eddie Treadwell, at Alger Correctional Facility in Michigan. Thank you.

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