Prison Radio
Mutulu Shakur

Brother Mumia Abu Jamal is the most important ideological architect of the 21st century.

His brilliance is based on the direct investigation and participation in the movements and events of the 20th century. Which advanced the rights and resisted oppression of that era. The events which has made him a Political Prisoner can not be fully understood without a full review of the context in which the Black Panther Party and M.O.V.E. organization took place.

The present legal quagmire, victories included, will have to give rise to a process that is based on the principles of healing, disclosure and a balanced remedy, resulting among others, in the freeing of all the Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War of the Black Liberation and Civil Rights Movement.

It is now time to create the condition for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission process in the united states, so that unresolved issues of pain, forgiveness and reparations will help establish a foundation upon which the present struggle will emerge.

In honor of Churne Lloyd Jr. Born on April 24th.

Free All Political Prisons & Prisoners of War.

Forward The building of A Truth & Reconciliation Process.