Prison Radio
April Kurtz

I’m calling regarding Krystal Clark. She’s a good friend of mine here in prison and there’s a doctor here that is really mean to her and says she denies all the stuff that’s wrong with her. She’s got mold growing in her ears, mold on her body. He does all these tests on her and say, there’s nothing wrong.

But when she gets her copies of her reports, they say mold, mold, mold, mold. And when I take her to these, um, hospitals to get stuff done, they side with the prison and say that she’s faking and this is all fake. And I used to be her bunkie. I used to live in […] 1A with her. They moved me [away] from her because I was helping her.

I was helping her write down things that these people said and the lies that they are telling. My friend’s been sick for a long, long time and they’re not doing anything. I’m scared she’s going to die here. And she’s got grandbabies and kids to go home to, they need to release her because there’s mold all over this facility.

She’s not going to get no better. She’s allergic to it. They took all her stuff from her. They have, they gave her a walker that is a two legger, two wheels. She has to lift it up every time she walks over bumps and stuff. They took her wheelchair detail. They took her, her diet detail. They make her walk. If they see her in a wheelchair, they will write her a ticket for destruction of state property because she’s not allowed to sit in a wheelchair.

My friend is Swelling. Her face is turnt, and this is all a paralysis from the mold. And, and sometimes she can’t even come out here and see us because we were all moved from her. Her other friend… That used to live with her. They moved her from her to everybody that’s trying to help her get help. They’re moving and I don’t like that.

And there’s they’re retaliated against her and I don’t know what to do. I try my best to do what I can for her because, you know, she can’t write very good. Her hands go numb. And I used to push her everywhere that she had to go and they took her from me. We used to help each other. I needed her. I still need her today, but I’m scared this is not going to be very long.

This girl needs help. They need to have somebody come in here and help my friend. I love my son so much. She’s so good to people. She tries to help everybody when they need something. Their grievance done, or if they need some personals or something, she does. She helps it. She gives her last for all these people here, and they don’t give her nothing back, and they keep on wanting to put her on antibiotics that don’t work.

Nothing touches what she says. She coughs up blood with green mucus in it, and they still say nothing’s wrong with her and her and your, you know, to her ears. They got green and black mold growing inside of them. And on her chest, it looks like black mold and they say, Oh, she has psoriasis or something.

She doesn’t. It’s from the mold and they and we don’t have no other place. This is the only women’s facility in Ann Arbor. I mean, I’m scared for my friend. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know who to call anymore. And I just, I would just wish they would stop and fire this doctor. His name is Dr. Matthew Ellison.

He’s been retaliating against her for a long time. She can’t even get her soap for her, her body anymore. Or her cocoa butter lotion for her body anymore. This girl is all broke out. And I mean, I’m tired of seeing her like this. And I don’t know what to do. I’m scared for her. I’m tired of this place not helping her and I wish there were something that we could do.

Get like some big wigs in here to help her, get her a pardon, get her a commutation, something. This girl needs to get out of prison. I’m so scared for her. I mean, she’s been here like a long time. And I just, she could only be placed in certain areas because of toilets and sinks are on the west side and, you know, there’s only one, it’s just, they have it separated, level ones and level twos.

I just wish she was in my unit again so I could help her. When you meet a good person and you find a good person, you know, it goes a long way in your heart. You know what I’m saying? And we all we have here. Apparently, these doctors are incompetent here. I haven’t seen one and I don’t know how long they want to charge us $5.

And you know how much her bill probably is because of these people here. The administration don’t care. The warden don’t care. He is the one he told her to […] Oh, excuse me. Sorry. He told her to sit down at the warden for a meeting. There’s no mold here, but she has proof in black and white. She has more than one mold in her body.

And I’m tired of this place. I don’t know what to do. I’m tired. I’m stressed out for my friend. It takes a toll on us all to watch your friend deteriorate in front of your eyes. I appreciate you. Thank you so much. Have a nice night.