Prison Radio
Raymond White

For many years encaged inside a dark and violent world, I have realized that time is precious and life is not guaranteed. And in relevance to living inside this conscious nightmare, I have found that breath and blood flow is the large food of all physical elements, our main being for existence, and that daily ? red drifting currents flow through my soul, a serene river sifting through these mounted rocks I see out my cage window. For 10 long years, my eyes have been a cave of pain and sadness, engulfed into a chaotic, disturbed place, a recipient of barbarism. I seldom see the outside world of fresh green grasses and golden skies. My sunrise has been suspended.

In addition to living amongst thousands of lost shadows, tottering within their own suffering, down the tier my footsteps thump sadly against the cool of the hollow concrete, but I feel nothing but loss and numbness that flows through my feet, a barricaded existence. I’m walking down a road to nowhere, where the stone ground misguides me across the ? landscape. There is no civil direction, only the heavy abyss of many separate worlds.

All my 10 years, I’ve been fighting a tug-of-war with the concept of freedom and captivity, subjected to multiple injustices, a evolution in many violent altercations with daily chaos and emotional instability, outweighs my sanity. Struggling to find purpose, mentally entrapped within an unruly isolation, horrid experiences suspended by dreams. When my conscious breaks apart from a daytime and many nightmares, I’m spiritually blown with the river currents, not knowing where I’m going, but far from here into a realm where freedom is a plenty beauty. I see the bluebirds flying; I’m traveling somewhere capable, a soul perceptible to a world my heart has only imagined, to become a part of a civil world, pure and whole again, to a society I’ve only lived in my dreams.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio