Prison Radio
Raymond White

This cell is a cold box of depression and seclusion. Each second I breathe in it’s still air. I feel like anger and distress has conquered me. I’m at rare and solo frequency regarding the nightmare I live and dwell in each day that surpasses me and wants to life temperatures. My future remains unpredictable. Based on my emotional grounding lingers in the midst of a gusty chaos. I’m exposed to a daily detriment of this matter that is not only a perception of thought, but a painful body of reality. One Bear sets forth grief with misery. Once you need to sense the fight with pain I have dreamed of Lost Paradise it’s lonely mystery of high skies every night big flames between the daily suffering locked in hours my body no captive laid on concrete quote, the cell walls filled me with claustrophobia has only engraved my soul this stone. I exist amongst complexity and dreadful time with chambers cave where my go to home and sunrise rays beaming free outside has no street weights and captives zones. I bear such more grief and misery no humans procession can gladly frame I’d have to live life dwelling upon I know mystery for freedom has no name.